Athlete and team training

THIS by Amen prepares athletes to get the most out of their bodies by offering world class performance training that include functional strength, power, mobility and flexibility, leading to increased movement efficiency.

We also empower and educate young athletes on how decisions off the field, between games and practices, will improve their overall performance on a daily basis. 

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At THIS by Amen our athletes will focus on:


Functional strength is critical and fundamental physical quality an athlete needs to increase performance. We avoid using weights treadmills, or another fancy machinery; The human body is designed to move, so our style of training maintains the natural style of body movement.


Improving the athletes linear and lateral movement is also one of our primary focus.


Primal conditioning exercises at THIS by Amen will help improve an athletes work capacity on the field or court.


By introducing exercises to increase range of motion and healthy function in the joints and muscles. Your membership makes a difference! Each month’s payment sponsors an inner city youth to train and learn the benefits of staying healthy and helps our fight against childhood obesity.


Please checkout our workshop with particular focus on mindfull competence.